Tony Kay

Two PNW Artists Tell it Like it Is on Video

News flash (not): This country’s pretty fucked right now. And maddeningly enough, that deeply profound state of fuckery is rooted in the elemental fact that even ideals that we hold to be self-evident can be yanked out from under us if we’re not vigilant. The most ostensibly obvious tenets of our country, the things that…

Interview: Leeni of Prom Queen Talks “Doom-Wop”

Over the course of six years and three albums, singer/songwriter/guitarist Leeni Ramadan has crafted a distinctive musical universe with her band Prom Queen. It’s an environment where Brill Building girl-group pop, surf rock, exotica music, and Patsy Cline country share space—a place where jet-black humor, kitsch, and haunted obsession intermingle like spirals of cigarette smoke….

Rusty Willoughby, Unsung Hero of Northwest Rock

Seattle singer/musician Rusty Willoughby’s demeanor is so unassuming, the simple acknowledgment of his music feels like it’d give him a case of the awkwards. He’s never seemed super-comfortable with attention, or with the kind of networking and extroversion necessary to be a Big Time Rock Star. Even the times he’s edged close to outright breakout success…