Noah Gundersen on the Artist Home Podcast

Seattle artist Noah Gundersen joins us this episode of the Artist Home Podcast to talk about his decision to step outside his own box in the making of his new album White Noise (out now), how his past experiences with religion informs his actions today, his uber-talented family, and how the show Sons of Anarchy propelled him into the mainstream. The Artist Home…

Interview: Leeni of Prom Queen Talks “Doom-Wop”

Over the course of six years and three albums, singer/songwriter/guitarist Leeni Ramadan has crafted a distinctive musical universe with her band Prom Queen. It’s an environment where Brill Building girl-group pop, surf rock, exotica music, and Patsy Cline country share space—a place where jet-black humor, kitsch, and haunted obsession intermingle like spirals of cigarette smoke….