Artist Home has drummed up 10 silly, yet amazing questions that we will henceforth refer to as, “The 10”. Perhaps we’ve watched too much James Lipton or we’ve all been on the road for too long and pondered such profound subjects to kill time while driving through Kansas. Nonetheless, we present to you “The 10” as answered by one of our favorite new Seattle artists, Emma Lee Toyoda, who will be celebrating the release of her new album this Saturday at the Vera Project.

Emma Lee Toyoda performing at Artist Home’s “Wintersong” concert.

Given that you have the acting skills to do it, which three movie characters would you want to go back in time and portray?

maxresdefaultMei from My Neighbor Totoro

Leti from The Fast & Furious franchise

Babe from Babe 2: Pig in the City



Pick one: Choose Your Own Adventure Books, or Madlibs. Explain

Choose Your Own Adventure Books. To be honest, I’ve never actually read a CYOA book but I really don’t like Madlibs – I was never super clear on adjectives vs. nouns and resented having to put in so much work for a story that was never as funny as anticipated.

If you could have any band follow you throughout your day-to-day life, supplying your theme music, what band would you choose?


Bruno Mars Band <3


If you could be someone else’s backing band, following them throughout their day-to-day life supplying their theme music, who would you choose?

           Adrien Brody – I’d love to see that beautiful nose in person

If you could choose one place on earth to live the rest of your days, where would that be? Do you live there now? If not, why not?

Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Beautiful nature, hella onsen’s [natural hot springs] and countryside vibes = heaven



Picture yourself as an owner of a small neighborhood store. What would you be selling?

Small & sturdy glass containers in varying sizes & styles – cute AND practical!

Name a story or event that you would like to see made into a film.

       Prince: the Man, the Myth, the Legend


What makes peoples jaw drop when you say “I have never ________”?

I have never watched all the Star Wars/Harry Potter movies

What film best summarizes your teenage years?

Hot Rod


Gandalf or the color green?

~weed joke~


Emma Lee Toyoda will be celebrating her album release this Saturday at the Vera Project and tickets are AVAILABLE HERE.  It’s all ages and will also feature Hardly Hardly Borschtboys (members of Hardly Boys!), Latona, and visual artist FINECHINA.