The essence of the writing retreat, Write, is growth. From one perspective, of course, that’s a very concrete notion, something you can plant your feet on. From another, though, it’s numinous. Like a breeze in your hair reshaping an idea for a poem’s first line. Or a blue pebble in your shoe recalling a similar instance decades past. Or the wash of a wave beneath cliffs. Growth, nevertheless, is central. And Write is a fearless cultivator of it, like a gardener steeped in the land’s tradition, minding where she plants essential seeds.

But seeds, as we know, take many forms. They can be the writers, sorting through thoughts like sluggish creatures or wild animals. Or they can be the individual pages of the writing, unspooling as story tumbles from pen or keystroke for the benefit of a collective deeper breath. Or they can be the literal, the grass in your toes and the trees tussling in a dawning sky. Yet all of these are necessary to the act of creation, the journey of understanding.

Born in Washington’s San Juan Islands, Write first began its focus on the Doe Bay Resort, home to a lineage of musical festivals, solo retreats and a plethora of soul cleansing activities. At Write, the focus is on breaking down barriers that impede inspiration. By sharing both tales and cups of coffee, the Write community coalesces and creates, renewing a love for beginnings and the passion for seeing those moments come to precise fruition.

Write takes place October 10-14. More details and enrollment information can be found at Write Doe Bay’s website.