For nearly ten years, Artist Home has stood for two things: music and community.  Our events create a unique opportunity to not only discover new music, but to come together and celebrate the community built by these experiences.  We love what we do and are always looking to do more, which inspired us to create this new space.

We’ve invited some of our favorite voices from the Pacific Northwest to contribute to, including Tony Kay, Kathleen Tarrant, Phil Bouie and the entire Artist Home team. You can expect monthly features about local music as well as periodic guest pieces from Northwest cultural leaders. And that’s not all.  We hope that you will join the conversation and help us shape a place for artists, music-lovers, and friends to connect.

In addition to being a space to share stories from voices we love and trust, this is also a place to learn more about who we are and what we do. Take a look around. Shoot us a line. Let us know what we can do better or how we can help you.

Welcome to a whole new Artist Home. Thanks for being here.


Our Writers:

Tony Kay ResizeTony Kay has been in the journalistic front-line trenches of the Northwest music scene for over two decades in various websites and periodicals. He’s been Music Editor at since 2010, and also covered music for and a lot of late, great periodicals including Hype! and Backlash magazines. Tony writes about film for City Arts magazine and website. A few years ago, he won the Pacific Northwest division of the Independent Film Channel game show The Ultimate Film Fanatic, during which Henry Rollins praised Tony’s movie-nerd kung fu as “devastating, gnarly, and crushing.”

Kathleen Tarrant Resize

Kathleen Tarrant has been translating words from the stereo since 2008. Since she moved to Seattle in 2011 she has been a contributor to the late, great Sound on the Sound, The Stranger, and currently City Arts Magazine. She prefers music that is either someone who sounds like they electrocuted a plugged in Les Paul turned up to 11, or bluegrass riffs about feelings.

Phil BouiePhilip Bouie is a pretender. He’s not a writer. He’s not a musician. He’s not an athlete. As a child, he was crushed by the fact that it was biologically impossible for him to be an armadillo that owned a motorcycle. This monumental shortcoming has motivated him for over a quarter century. He studied Mass Communications and African-American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. He often calls Richmond, Va., the Confederate version of Portland, Oregon. He longs for the day that Americans will be able to take a paid holiday during the entirety of the Stanley Cup Playoffs because he was conceived in Montreal and is secretly Canadian. He moved to Seattle during a quarter-life crisis and wrote for Sound on the Sound. He hopes to turn his tumultuous online dating career into a very inspiring TED talk because he is under the false impression that Ted talks are still relevant.