Low Hums: They sound like this looks. (photo courtesy Low Hums)

If I’da heard Zzyxz, the latest full-length from local psych-rock vets Low Hums, closer to its November 2019 release, it might well have found its way into my PNW 2019 Top Ten. It’s that good.

Any fan of forward-thinking psychedelic rock will find myriad itches scratched by Zzyxz, big-time. Garage-pop infectiousness (the gloriously heavy and hooky “Three Stones in the Night”), epic caveman stomp (“Supernova”), swaggering Doors-y sensuality (“All the Brave Fuzzy Cousins”), and gently-grooving combinations of lysergic rock and Americana (“Neo Spiritual”) all surface. But refreshingly, for all its loving nods to the past, Zzyxz sidesteps hippy-era mustiness adeptly. If Tame Impala, The Black Angels, or the Brian Jonestown Massacre hold a beloved spot in your heart, you best be jumping on this. 

Artist Home is psyched (pun intended) to premiere “Cosmic Fruit,” the newest single from Zzyxz, here. It’s the opening track on the album, and a perfect introduction to the Low Hums’ universe. 


Solid, driving drums and bass push the track forward, while ebbing and fading guitar feedback and keyboard surges send a thread of menace—and more than a hint of prog-rock—through the tune. Bandleader Jonas Haskins’ hushed, almost imperceptible vocals form the spectral icing on the kaleidoscopic cake.

Like the rest of Zzyxz, “Cosmic Fruit” manages to be compact yet cosmic. In other words, it’s perfect psych-rock for the 21st century. Turn on, tune in, and go with it, man.