To any Portlanders who haven’t made the trek up to Leavenworth, WA—it’s worth it. There’s amazing bratwurst and delicious beer, both local and imported from Germany. Even without a kickass music festival, it’s a fun place to visit. 

So adding some of the best indie bands to a weekend is kind of a no-brainer, if you don’t mind a drive. The whole line-up is great, especially Jenn Champion. We absolutely love her 2018 album Single Rider

From our neck of the woods, Kyle Craft is going to be there. Somehow the universe created a tall drink of southern-fried T. Rex and dropped him into the Year of our Lord today. Be grateful and don’t miss out on seeing a natural rock star.

The description “supergroup” gets thrown around whenever a couple people from local bands most folks haven’t heard of get together, but when those local bands are Sleater-Kinney and The Thermals, the label fits. Combined with members from Modern Kin, whose gospel-like fervor is well-know for those in the scene and Slang is for real not to miss. 

Heck, these three acts would be enough to spend a fun weekend in Leavenworth. That you get two whole days for under $100 feels like a steal. Hope to see you there.

-Aaron Colter, Banana Stand Media