The festivals that seem to be the best tend to come from inspirations not to be like other festivals, but rather are inspired with a vision unique to the creator alone. Sometimes it’s driven by unrepresented art, others by seeing a void in an arts community that needs to be filled. In the case of So Dreamy, a brand new festival premiering this weekend at Cafe Racer, founder Cody Choi seems to be inspired by both.

“A few months ago I was sitting in my living room feeling frustrated with the current lack

of inclusion for QTBIPOC artists on larger platforms in Seattle and decided to just start up a mu-

sic fest of our own that would help represent our local community better,”

Cody Choi

Frustrated with a consistent lack of inclusion for artists like themselves and the community around them, Choi, professionally known as SuperCoze, brought together and has been leading their own team of artists and organizers to throw their own music festival that showcases queer and trans Black and Brown fronted bands. Taking place June 4th and 5th at Cafe Racer and Vermillion in Capitol Hill, the two day festival will host 25 bands with two stages as well as featuring different art vendors throughout the festival.

Not only has Cody (and team) created a space to offer some much needed representation for an arts community, they’ve also put together a lineup full of new bands we absolutely love and are excited about. If you’re addicted to finding something new in music, look no further than this lovely new festival–and don’t miss our deep-dive into So Dreamy’s musical lineup, posting soon.

Tickets on sale for So Dreamy now